Sesotec Services.
Skilled and responsive

From our wide range of products we are always able to offer customers the most efficient solution for their needs. The process begins with a consulting service: We use highly qualified, multi-disciplinary teams, expert in the users' particular industry, products and applications.


Optimum system design
Our sales and service engineers will advise on the specific suitability of our systems. Working closely with the customer's own production experts we help identify the critical factors influencing the inspection or detection process.
Specific tests can be undertaken at the Sesotec Technical Centre providing the customer with an additional level of confidence. Trial systems can be made available if required to simulate actual operating conditions.


Supporting the user
Before commissioning we make sure customer's staff are fully trained on the system. Follow-up seminars are held regularly for users who wish to broaden their knowledge of the equipment and processes.


Immediate assistance
Customers are supported throughout the entire life cycle of the system.
Sesotec systems are inherently reliable but when a problem does occur customers have access to experienced staff and service engineers.



Sesotec Service Center. Address and Hotlines.




Sesotec GmbH Service Center

Industriestraße 5

94513 Schönberg



Hotline Product Inspection: +49 (0) 8554 / 308 173


Hotline Sorting Recycling: +49 (0) 8554 / 308 129


Hotline Sorting Food: +49 (0) 8554 / 308 2203

Remote Maintenance