for the recycling industry
Application Profile
  • detects and separates all magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • separates metals and non-metals
Inspection of
  • bulk materials
Material flow
  • belt conveyors
  • chutes
  • bulk material columns
  • vibration feeder
For universal use in plastics, metal,
and electronic waste recycling
Reliable detection and separation
Guarantees end product purity
Modular design allows customerand
product-oriented solutions 
Product description
Feeding of the material to be inspected is effected
by specifically adapted vibration chutes that guarantees
a homogeneous material distribution over
the full width of the fast-running conveyor belt.
By combining inclined chute and conveyor belt the
influences of mould, weight and abrasion of charging
material are eliminated. At the end of the belt
the material is classified with the corresponding
sensors. After the evaluation of relevant information,
high-speed valves are activated with a
corresponding time delay to blow out the material.
Exactly targeted compressed-air blasts are used
to deflect the particles to be separated from their
original fall parabola into a separate duct. 
Possibility of combining various sensor systems
High throughput rate
Upgrade possibilities
Teachable evaluation electronics
Easy operation
Can be integrated in the VISUTEC data management system 
Optional Equipment
• Optical sensor to detect different colours
• Near infrared sensor to detect different types of plastic