Collected plastics must be sorted and separated before they can be recycled. The purity of the material is of decisive importance for the profitable re-use. Effective and efficient separating and sorting systems guarantee a constant high quality of recycled plastics and thus ensure their profitability.

From bottle sorting through to high-sensitivity PET flake separation – Sesotec covers the complete range of contaminant separation and material flow sorting systems. Sesotec systems feature a modular design, which means that for every application the optimal components can be combined in a system.

In HDPE bottle-to-bottle recycling the process of used-material sorting and separation must meet highest demands. If, for example, food-quality recyclate should be generated from HDPE milk bottles, it must be guaranteed that all other types of plastics and contaminant materials are reliably separated.

Engineering plastics usually are thermoplastic polymers that due to their physical and chemical properties frequently are used for the production of technical components. Separating (e.g. metal separation) and sorting processes are required here to provide regranulates in an economically efficient quality.

PVC products (flooring, roofing sheets, windows, pipes, tarps) are collected for recycling at the end of their useful life. The use of sorting systems is a prerequisite for the recovering of high-quality PVC regrind that can be profitably fed back into the production process again.

Mixed plastics that are found in collected light-weight packagings must be sorted according to different criteria. Light-weight and flat parts must be sorted out, and the different types of plastics must be identified. High-level material recycling only is possible if the recycling fractions are of excellent quality.

When bioplastics (e.g. PLA) are processed in recycling lines along with other plastics, the other recycled plastics may no longer be marketable as a result. Already small PLA contents may seriously endanger the recycling of PET bottles. Sesotec sorting systems detect bioplastics and efficiently remove them from the material flow.