The exacting quality standards for pharmaceutical products call for a high level of quality assurance, beginning with the inspection of raw materials and ending with quality control of packaged products.

Metal detection systems consisting of a conveyor belt, metal detector and separator unit are the ideal solution for inspection of packed bulk materials and piece goods. Sesotec offers separator systems that can be customized to many different applications (tipping conveyors, telescopic conveyors, pushers, blast nozzles, swivel arm, etc.)

Sesotec offers systems featuring a swivel hopper and/or reject flap (quick flap system) that are ideal for removing metal contamination from bulk materials. Magnet separators are used to detect and separate ferrous metals.

Metal separators can be integrated into horizontal, vertical or angled vacuum- and pressure-operated tubular conveyor systems. The modular design allows the separators to be adapted to each customer’s specific needs.