Consumer protection - Product purity. An imperative in the food industry

All the food people eat must be absolutely pure and clean. This is one of the most important principles of the food industry. One decisive criterion here is that your products leave your factory without any metal contaminations and other contaminants. This guarantees that consumers are safe from any health impairments and that your company is safe from a loss of confidence, product liability cases, and expensive product recalls.

Quality assurance - IFS compliant production. Responsibility and economic success

The INTERNATIONAL FEATURED STANDARD (IFS) defines the most important requirements for the quality management of food manufacturers. All the renowned trade chains therefore demand that their suppliers are certified according to this IFS standard. The detection and separation of metals and contaminants is a decisive criterion of IFS compliant production. Chapter 5 states that food manufacturers must take all the necessary steps to prevent contamination with metal particles or other contaminants.


For basic information on contaminant detection in the food industry read our compendium:

> Part1: Basics of Metal Detection in the Food Industry
> Part2: Use of X-ray Inspection Systems in the Food Industry
> Part3: Determining Critical Control Points in Food Production Processes
> Part4: Testing of Contaminant Detector Performance According to BRC Standards*

Sesotec offers systems featuring a swivel hopper and/or reject flap (quick flap system) that are ideal for removing metal contamination from bulk materials. Magnet separators are used to detect and separate ferrous metals.

Metal separators can be integrated into horizontal, vertical or angled vacuum- and pressure-operated tubular conveyor systems. The modular design allows the separators to be adapted to each customer’s specific needs.

Metal detectors and separators, metal detection systems and magnetic separators are ideal for inspecting bulk material on conveyor belts, chutes or vibratory conveyors.

Sesotec metal detectors and separators for inspection of liquid and paste products are readily integrated into pipeline systems. A variety of separator valves are available for different product characteristics. Sesotec also offers magnet separators for separation of ferrous metals.

Metal detection systems consisting of a conveyor belt, metal detector and separator unit are the ideal solution for inspection of packed bulk materials and piece goods. Sesotec offers separator systems that can be customized to many different applications (tipping conveyors, telescopic conveyors, pushers, blast nozzles, swivel arm, etc.)