The Sesotec Group currently employs over 500 people worldwide. 400 are employed at the German headquarter in Schönberg, Bavaria, more than 100 people are working at our subsidiaries and representative offices all over the world.

Challenge and Motivation
The excellent level of education of our team enables us to provide high-quality, tailor-made solutions quickly and economically. There is close co-operation between Product Development, Production and Sales. Our staff is chosen for their knowledge, flexibility and communication skills. Challenges are undertaken with enthusiasm and dedication; we value our staff and the contribution they make highly, and our low employee turnover rate further demonstrate their commitment to the company and its continued success.

Experience and continuous product development

The skill and experience within our teams enables us to produce high quality, customer-specific solutions quickly and efficiently. Sesotec has over 30 years' experience on which to build. Our employees are committed; staff turnover is very low at below 3%, even less amongst the more highly-qualified personnel.
Knowledge gained within the company stays within it and is applied for the benefit of continuous product development.