The internal Sesotec organisation is geared to versatility, from purchasing through to the production areas, and can respond quickly and flexibly to meet customer requirements. Approximately 80% of the systems supplied by Sesotec are modified or specially developed to meet customers' individual needs.


All core mechanical and electronic assemblies are developed and manufactured in-house by Sesotec. We have all the necessary equipment and facilities from laser cutting of critical mechanical components to our own surface finishing.


Specific high-technology components and larger quantities of standard elements are sourced from specialist, high-quality suppliers who meet our quality and cost objectives. This supplier network has been developed over many years and our close relationship with suppliers enables us to accommodate peaks in order levels and urgent delivery requirements without the need for compromise.
As a matter of principle, we carry out 100% final assembly and product testing, key to absolute quality assurance, on our own premises.


All production stages are monitored by a complete quality management system, using high-precision testing equipment. On the rare occasion when no suitable testing apparatus is available on the market, Sesotec develops its own, for example our opto-electronic test equipment was designed and built in-house.
This all-encompassing quality control process ensures that Sesotec systems operate continuously at the high standards our customers expect.